• 2010

    Latest exhibition: apostrophes and biscuits - solo exhibition of recent paintings and sculptures at Carbon Black Gallery, Prahran, Melbourne.

    Opening: Wednesday 17 March 11am - 6pm
    Drinks with the artist: Saturday 20 March, 2-5pm
    Exhibition runs: 17 March to 4 April inclusive
    Gallery hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 6pm
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    Preview Lesley’s paintings from her latest exhibition, “apostrophes and biscuits” at (available from 20 March to 20 June 2010)

    Lesley's work is based on narrative and story-telling. She paints with brightly pigmented oil painted surfaces, beeswax, collage and warm lustrous glazes. Lesley often journeys inwards, mining her own life experiences. Central to her imagery, as always, are whimsical children, often floating unanchored in their landscape. Child-like playfulness is a key element throughout.

    In the current body of work, Lesley has chosen one sole key symbol, her mother's biscuits, to represent this pivotal figure in her life. Based on this, and pages of her mother's unsuspecting text, Lesley has created a body of paintings and sculptures that weave together much of her mother's own story, as a young girl, an immigrant, a new bride, and a mother.

    Most of the works are small in scale, mirroring the intimacy and preciousness of the connection between mother and daughter. Through her exploration of the many factes of her mother's life, gleaned from her own stories, Lesley honors, pays tribute to and celebrates not only her mother, but all mothers.

    » Read the Artist’s statement about this exhibition for more information.